Existing Conditions Report


After collecting all the relevant information about the watershed and putting it into a single Inventory, HVA went through every document, summarized relevant information, and combined with their field work data to create an Existing Conditions Report.

Just like it sounds, the Existing Conditions Report is a snapshot of the current state of Still River Watershed. It includes background information about the river such as climate, hydrology, geology, and history as well as some current health of the river such as water quality and stream health.

Once created, a first draft was reviewed by experts in the Still River Partners group. Feedback from the partners was integrated to create a second draft open to the public.

 The link above allows you to download the full report including Appendix A (Inventory) and B (Watershed Maps). Just below it is Appendix C. Click on the stretch of stream to pull up a series of maps showing field assessment results for that stretch. If see no impacts in a specific reach, it may be that we didn't assess that section.

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Still River Watershed Existing Conditions Report (Full Report)
Appendix C: Field Maps & Data
Still River Watershed
Report Summary

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