Watershed Inventory

An important step in the watershed planning process is to gather what information we already know about the watershed. This will help us characterize the watershed and provide a basis for identifying concerns specific to the Still River watershed and the towns that fall within it.

HVA is currently working to compile and organize a single document, the Still River Watershed Inventory, which will contain links to all relevant studies, plans, town regulations, maps, etc. that contain information relevant to the Still River. The Inventory is a living document in draft form. Please contact us with any comments or suggestions for additional materials to include.

Watershed Inventory Draft Last Updated: August 20, 2018

Key Topic: Stormwater and Impervious Cover

Impervious cover (IC) refers to surfaces like parking lots, driveways, and roofs: surfaces that water flows over instead of through, like a sponge. When it rains. stormwater flows over impervious surfaces and picks up pollutants like oil and pet waste. This polluted water ultimately ends up in our streams, rivers, lakes, ponds and oceans.

Below are some featured items from the Inventory at the regional and state level that address these topics:

Stormwater can transport pollutants
Parking lots are an example of IC.

Parking lots are one example of IC. When it rains, stormwater flows over the hard surface and washes pollutants like oil and animal waste into storm drains and nearby waterways.

Other Inventory Items to Check Out: