Field Work


Part of developing a watershed management plan for the Still River is getting out into the field to identify steps we can take to reduce pollution, improve recreation opportunities, and reduce flood risk.  

HVA is in the process of assessing approximately 40 miles of streams in the Still River Watershed. Click the icon to the right for a copy of our Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) which outlines our methods. For a compilation of other Still River Watershed-related documents, check out the Inventory page

Status Updates

Still River assessments are more than halfway completed! HVA has assessed over 30 miles of waterways in the Still River Watershed to date. We are assessing the river for 8 different impacts, which include: 

  • Channel modifications

  • Severe bank erosion

  • Impacted buffers

  • Stormwater outfalls

  • Trash/debris

  • Utility impacts

  • Road-stream crossings

  • Miscellaneous items, including river access points


These data will be used to help the Still River Watershed Partners identify potential restoration projects that will help reduce water pollution, improve recreational access, and/or better manage stormwater runoff and flooding across the watershed. For more updates, visit the Still River Watershed Facebook page.